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Special Central Assistance

For accelerating the pace of economic development and also to bridge the gap between the tribal areas and other areas of the Pradesh. Special Central Assistance is being received from the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Govt. of India since 5th Plan period to make available more per capita plan funds to achieve the objective. The funds under Special Central Assistance is being released by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs normally for ITDP and for Dispersed Tribes/MADA Pockets to cover the employment-cum-income generation activities and the infrastructure incidental thereto not only family based but also run by self help groups/communities. According to 2011 Census the population of H.P. is 6864602 out of which 392126 belongs to Scheduled Tribes. The Union Ministry of Tribal Affairs has notified Gaddi & Gujjers communities residing in the merged areas of the State in January, 2003 as Scheduled Tribes. The district –wise position of ST population is given as under:

List of infrastructural schemes those can be taken up for the socio-economic development of STs residing in Non-Tribal Areas:

Following schemes can be taken up to fill up the infrastructural gap in such villages having tribal concentration as per priority mentioned above:

Link roads

Water Supply schemes

Rural Electrification (excluding transmission and distribution)

Minor Irrigation schemes provided that minimum CCA belonging to Scheduled Tribe is 25% of the total CCA

Health, Education, Animal Husbandry Buildings including infrastructure for Dairy Development and Marketing

Basic amenities like Water Supply Scheme for common water tap or water connections, free single point electrification to the houses of scheduled tribes belonging to B.P.L. family and Construction of water harvesting structures/ community water storage tanks under Agriculture Soil Conservation schemes

Minimum basic amenities like drainage, village paths, community centres etc. where it is essentially required


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