हिमाचल पिछड़ा वर्ग वित्त एवं विकास निगम
About Us



The Corporation is working for the Social, Economic and Educational upliftment of the people belonging to the Backward Classes of Himachal Pradesh. HBCFDC provides facilities to those whose annual family income from all sources is below Rs.40,000 in the Rural Areas and is below Rs.55,000 for the families residing in Urban Areas and the age between 18 to 55 years.

The Corporation raises loan from NBCFDC against the project profiles of different Schemes. At present 85% of the Project Cost is borne by the NBCFDC, 10% by the HBCFDC and balance 5% is the share of the beneficiary. In case of loan under Swarnima Scheme 95% of the Project cost is borne by the NBCFDC and remaining 5% by the HBCFDC.

HBCFDC provides Educational Loan to the students of Backward Classes living well below  the poverty line or whose family income is less than Rs.40,000 in Rural Areas and Rs.55,000 in Urban Areas (For pursuing professional / technical education at graduate and post graduate levels). The rate of interest is 4% p.a. to the beneficiaries. The loan limit per student is Rs.1, 25,000 per year subject to maximum of Rs.5,00,000 or actual expenses for the entire Course.

The Corporation also provides Interest Free Study Loan to the deserving poor students with having their annual family income upto Rs.36000 for pursuing technical & higher degree/diploma courses beyond High School stage at  Rs.10,000 per year or maximum Rs.50,000. 

The Corporation is providing loan to promote Micro Finance Scheme for improvement of credit facilities for the target groups, specially for women beneficiaries. The Corporation has adopted Micro Finance through Self Help Group (SHG's). The loan upto Rs.25000 per beneficiary is given under this Scheme.

The Corporation also provides loan to eligible beneficiaries for their self employment ventures.

The Corporation takes security either in the shape of Land Mortgage Deed amounting to 95% of the total project cost or FDR/NSC/KVP amounting to 50% of the total Project Cost or guarantee for the loan from a Govt. Servant against proposed loan schemes.

The Corporation is holding Awareness Camps in the Backward Classes dominated areas at the Block Level and also covering the other Districts of the State where there is scarce backward classes population. For the purpose of holding awareness camps, services of NGOs like ASRA, SWDA, SRDA, ASA etc. have been enlisted.

The Corporation will provide Technical Training for skill up-gradation of already benefited members of Backward Classes under various schemes with the financial assistance of NBCFDC. The Corporation has also conducted special surveys  of Malana Revenue Estate in District Kullu, where the populace has been declared as Backward Classes as a whole for identification of activities and beneficiaries to be covered under the special NBCFDC Finance.

The Corporation is also conducting survey in respect of twelve Panchayats comprising of “Chohar-ka” i.e. the inhabitants of Chohar Valley in Mandi District with a view to identify local needs & eligible beneficiaries to be covered under the special NBCFDC Finance. The HBCFDC has so for sanctioned loan to 2740 beneficiaries  amounting to Rs.2,75,196,962 under various Schemes. Besides 2 and 15 beneficiaries have been benefited under the new NBCFDC Educational Loan Scheme and Interest Free Study Loan Scheme respectively.