Tribal Development
Economics & Statistics Department

Statistical Data

State Income

Estimation of State Income and District Income

The most important work of the department is to estimate the State Income / District Income which has now being recognized significant and reliable indicators to measure the economic growth of the state. These estimates are presented in the Economic Survey during budget session of Vidhan Sabha every year. Special expertise is involved in this very voluminous and huge calculation work to find out the income generated, contribution and rate of growth under different sectors of the economy. No developmental scheme can be made successful without properly assessing the contribution/ growth scenario of the sector to which the schemes pertains. The state income estimates also help in studying the sectoral /regional development imbalances, formulation of taxation policies and receiving central grants etc. To achieve this objective this department is making all efforts to cull out the data on plan and non-plan expenditure and classifying the budget asked from all government departments. Collection of Prices Statistics Containment of Inflation is on the priority list of the government. Price collection and compilation is an important assignment with DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS & STATISTICS and well knit mechanism is being maintained for ensuring correctness in reported prices The department is engaged in collection of prices in different formats i.e. 16 essential items of daily needs on weekly basis like food grains, major pulses, sugar, oil etc., Whole Sale & Retail prices of 104 items on monthly basis , Live stock Prices on Half yearly basis , Building material prices on quarterly basis and Labour Bureau Prices for price indices. The department also supplies the prices of various building material to National Building Organisation. This price collection work is done by the District Statistical Officers of the department. Training division has been created with a vision to promote good governance by providing to the staff quality training & learning related to performance towards building a professional statistical service which is efficient, accountable and responsive. Senior and lower level staff were trained with an objective to make officers to acquire professional approach, make them aware about the challenges and opportunities within the statistical services, to enable the officers to understand and learn the system, role and functions of the statistical advisor’s to the Government departments, to enhance and upgrade the knowledge and skills of staff to cope up with dynamics and dimension of financial and statistical management in the department , acquaint the personnel with typing, word processing, office work and to prepare them for handling higher level of duties and responsibilities consequent upon promotion.

National sample survey(NSS) and other surveys

National Sample Survey : Himachal Pradesh started participating in the National Sample Survey programme from 27 th round i.e. 1972 and has now entered into 66th round in July, 2009. The National Sample Survey work involves the field study on various subjects assigned during the round which is done on sample matching basis as allotted by Govt. of India. This voluminous work involves door to door approach for which large number of field functionaries are required. After field work the filled in schedules are thoroughly scrutinised. This exercise needs sufficient man power. The department has now started the tabulation of these schedules at headquarters itself. The results of these surveys are used for estimation of Consumption Expenditure/ Poverty line and other Plan Indicators. During the current year: -The data entry of 62nd Round was completed in-house for the first time.
Surveys and Evaluation Studies : Many ad-hoc surveys/studies etc. are being conducted by the department which provides a bench mark/ base to various projects and programmes of the Govt.

Official Statistics

State Storehouse of Data
Department is making concerted efforts to collect, scrutinise, analyse and interpret all sorts of General/official Statistics which is disseminated to planners /policy makers and scholars through various publications viz :
a) Statistical Out line
b) Brief Facts
c) Statistical Abstract of State and Pamphlets/ handouts of various types and other district/ block level Statistical Abstract of state and publications etc.
Library and Reference Room : The department is maintaining well equipped Library and reading room in the premises of Directorate. The reference / reading room is equipped with books on Economics, Mathematics, Commerce, Statistics and other related subjects. Various publications of this department and other line departments are also displayed in the reference / reading room. The researchers/ University students visit the Library for collecting and culling out relevant data/ information from these books, publications and periodicals. The Library remains open from 10 AM to 5 PM on all working days and is visited by student’s research scholars and others interested in statistical information of the state.
Rural Development Statistics : The department collects block wise data to be presented in Block Level Publications. Block level Development Indicator publications are brought out by Distt. Statistical offices.
Industrial Statistics : The department compiles all type of half yearly/annual labour returns of various factories for submission to Labour Bureau and has also initiated the work regarding the construction of Index of Industrial Production. Compiles Annual and Half Yearly Labour Returns received from Chief Inspector of Factories which after compilation is transmitted to Labour Bureau, Govt. of India.
Tribal Statistics : Department collects and compiles data relating to tribal areas and prepares the publication Tribal Out-Line. The tribal outline was published and is being updated for the latest years.
Urban statistics : Department collects and compiles data relating to urban areas and prepares the publication. The urban statistics was published and is being updated.
Housing and Building Statistics : Under the three tier system of collection of Housing and Building Statistics of National Building Organisation GOI (N.B.O.), the department collected and compiled the Housing and Building Statistics for all the newly constructed buildings in both public and private sectors and forwarded it to N.B.O.
Documentation : To present the data in more presentable form/ similarity and consistency, documentation of all the publications is being done at the headquarters. In this section , the publications received from districts were comparatively analysed and improvements are made to present the data in a better format.

Official Statistics

Census of Himachal Pradesh Employees : Department conducts an annual census of all Himachal Pradesh Government Employees as on 31 st March. The information as received from different Departments, Corporations, Public Undertakings and Local Bodies is scrutinized and tabulated and presented in a compact form. In this context publication viz; " Census of Himachal Pradesh Government Employees" is brought out every year. The latest available report is as on 31-3-2009. Census of HP Government Employees as on 31-03-2009.
Census of HP Government Employees as on 31-03-2009
Economic Census : Economic Census is the official count of all the economic enterprises under both organised and un-organised sectors (excluding crop production and plantation) and is conducted in the states as per guideline of Government of India after a span of 5 or 10 years.
Plan/20 Point Programme : Plans for department and planning commission brief remarks are also prepared by this section for the department. The expenditure reports quarter-wise and annual expenditure is being monitored by this section.
Economic Survey of H.P."and “Budget in Brief” : which is presented every year in the budget session of Vidhan Sabha. Additional work are also suggested by Central Statistical Organisation under Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation Government of India /World Bank/State Finance department to take up the following assignments.
- Advanced/ quarterly estimates of GSDP
- Construction of IOTT tables
- Construction of Building Cost Index Number
- Estimation of Capital Formation in Household & Corporate sector
Efforts are afoot to take up these assignments in spite of the shortage of staff. Besides the supervision of regular/adhoc assignments Economic Adviser dispensed the following duties:
1. Officer on special duty on behalf of the Government of India And Chairman of the State level Committee on annual Survey of Industries in Himachal Pradesh.
2. Price Collection Authority in the State.
3. Competent Authority to ascertain cost of living index for employee.
4. Member of Technical working group on Small Area Development in Himachal Pradesh.
5. Member of the group on Environment Statistics at the National level.
6. Member Secretary of the High Powered Statistical Committee for Himachal Pradesh.
7. Also functioned as a member of the (a) National Advisory Board on statistics (b) Governing Council of NSSO, Govt. Of India.
1. Establishment: All administrative and personnel matters of the staff were taken care by this section. The seniority lists were updated and circulated during the year under review. Inspection of District statistical offices by Economic Adviser/officer’s were made during the year and meetings with the staff associations to sort out their grievances/demands were adhered to.
2. Accounts/Budget: This unit of the section mainly settles all matter related to departmental budget and Accounts. Distribution and control of budget to district offices. Prepare all financial bills of the headquarter and made payments accordingly.
District Statistical Offices: All the above functions at the district level are done by the district offices. DSOs are also doing the other works which are being assigned to them by the District Administration. The department being the central store house for all kind of data tries to fulfill all the requirements of Govt. for sound data base. For this purpose, the Department brings out a number of Publications on regular/adhoc basis, based on the secondary data collected from different Government Departments, which give Statistical information on various sectors of economy. The data is somewhat easily available from Govt. and the organised sectors but for unorganized sectors the data is to be collected from the primary sources through various surveys and studies which this deptt. in the state does through National Sample Surveys and other Adhoc surveys and studies. This Department also has been declared as the “Nodal-Agency” for the statistical activities of all the departments in the state. Requisite help and guidance in their statistical activities is provided time to time whenever required by Departments. Such help is also made available to different Departments in Districts through the District Statistical Offices.