Chapter Sections

Chapter I

  1. Short title, extent, scope and commencement: 2
  2. Definitions 2
Chapter II
Establishment and Constitution of the Board
  1. Establishment and incorporation of the Board
  2. Headquarters of the Board
  3. Constitution of the Board
  4. Terms of office of members
  5. Filling up of casual; vacancies
  6. Meetings of Board
  7. Temporary association of persons with Board
  8. Constitutions of Committees.
  9. Powers of Chairperson, Chief Executive Officer and Committees
  10. Appointment of officers and other employees of the Board
  11. Acts and proceedings of Board presumed to be valid.
Chapter III
Functions of Board
  1. Functions of Board
Chapter IV
Procedure for Performance of Functions of the Board
  1. Procedure for identifying projects
  2. Parameters for concession agreement or arrangement
  3. Procedure for implementing project development
  4. Coverage of risks in concession agreement or arrangements
  5. Board to form entities for project implementation
  6. Procedure for inviting private sector participation in developed projects
  7. Fees
  8. Procedure to raise resources

Chapter V
Finance, Accounts, Audit and Annual Report

  1. Fund of Board
  2. Additional capital and Grants to the Board by the Government
  3. Borrowing power of the Board
  4. Accounts and Audit
  5. Annual report
Chapter VI Miscellaneous

  1. Winding up of the Government Owned Companies and transfer of assets and liabilities to the Board
  2. Members, officers and servants to be public servants
  3. Protection of action taken in good faith
  4. Arbitration
  5. Powers to make regulations
Schedule - I
Infrastructure Projects 15
Schedule - II
Nature of Concession Agreement or Arrangement 16


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