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In view of limited scope of enhancement of state’s fish production from reservoirs and rivers/streams, it is important to lay stress on aquaculture----farming in ponds and raceways. Further, not only aquaculture generates large scale employments but requisite subsidy grants @ Rs. 80,000/- ha for General Category and Rs. 1,00,000/- ha for SC & ST Category of Fish Farmers are released by GOI under the centrally sponsored scheme’ Extension & Aquaculture”. The state Govt. has established two FFDA’s for the implementation of centrally sponsored schemes.

Vision plan envisages coverage of 100 ha water area by the end of 2015. This would help in generation of 200 employments under the aquaculture programme.

State’s FFDA’s are very well in position to achieve the above said targets provided the Agency is strengthened in terms of staff and with the pro-active role of the departmental Fisheries Officers. Presently the departmental officers are highly apathetic toward FFDA progarmmes. Fixing of targets and accountability could greatly alter the situation.

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H.P. Aquaculture, Fishing and Marketing Society
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