हिमाचल पिछड़ा वर्ग वित्त एवं विकास निगम
Success Stories

Sh. Vijay Kumar S/o Sh. Prem Das,
Vill.Bhangali, P.O.-Jharet,
Tehsil-Dhira Distt Kangra (H.P.)
Scheme Unit: - Tractor-Trolley.
Date of Loan Payement-6/01/01.

Situation of Beneficiary before loan:
Sh. Vijay Kumar belongs to a farmer family, who has about 45 canal of land that is non-irrigational and was ploughed by oxen. And it was impossible for him to meet the family expenditures. It was very difficult to plough the land with the oxen, even with a lot of hard work was put in. Sh. Vijay Kumarís annual income was not more than Rs.18,000. He came to know about the self-employment schemes run by HBCFDC, Kangra from the Pradhan of his village. He came to the office and requested him for guidance to improve his pathetic finance situation. The Corporation suggested him to learn driving a tractor after some time he come back to the Corporation and he had learned driving tractor by then and requested the Corporation for providing loan facility for tractor. The Corporation granted the loan of Rs 2,92,0000 to the applicant for buying tractor-trolley.

Loan Repayment Situation:
Sh. Vijay Kumar started his work of ploughing the land after getting the loan and buying tractor-trolley. Now he is able to finish his work or job on the time and it has increased his income from the crops which has improved his economic conditions. In this way Sh. Vijay Kumar started repaying the installments of his loan to the Corporation according as per the terms and conditions agreed. Sh. Vijay Kumar is using tractor successfully. The applicent is now ploughing his own land as well as land of others which has also increased his income and he repayed the installments.
            He is very glad with his tractor-trolley business. With his tractor-trolley he is also doing some other commercial jobs which is extra source of his income. Sh.Vijay has also bought some other ploughing installments. For this successful job Sh. Vijay has always been very thankful to the Corporation for its loan facilities and help.