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Success Stories

Sh. Rakesh Kumar S/o Sh. Lekh Raj
Village& Post Office-Dhalon,
Tehsil & Distt Kangra(H.P.)
Scheme Unit: - Auto Repair Workshop
Date of Loan Payement-11/03/04.

Beneficiary’s Condition before Loan:-

Sh. Rakesh Kumar, an ordinary hard working  auto mechanic, who was not able to earn his living . All the three members of his family were fully dependant on his income. Sh. Rakesh Kumar’s total annual income from all sources was Rs.20, 000 only.

One day Sh. Rakesh Kumar contacted HBCFDC, Kangra for self-employment finance scheme, and he was provided with proper information and guidance by Corporation Officers. Considering his case the Corporation felt that Sh. Rakesh Kumar is capable of running his own business successfully. After the fulfillment of essential formalities, Sh. Rakesh Kumar received Rs. 50,000 for his auto repair workshop. As a result his workshop became successful with in a week.

Position of Loan Repayment by the Beneficiary:

With his hard work and experience Sh. Rakesh Kumar remarkably improved his financial conditions and paid off the loan according to terms and conditions.

Economic Conditions after Loan:

Rakesh Kumar's auto repair workshop is running successfully and he has fully returned  his loan amount.  From the profit of this workshop he also helped this brother establishing new PCO Rakesh Kumar also distributes daily newspaper in surrounding areas. With all this hard work he managed to improve his living condition.